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Board replacement decoder for Atlas GP30

Retired in 2011

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KB1032 Atlas DN163Ax Function Outputs

The following picture shows the location of all extra function pads on the DN163A0, DN163A1, DN163A3 and DN163A4.  These decoders all share the same board layout.  The length is different to fit the various models.          Note: There is not a current production DN163A2.  This decoder was retired after the manufacturer made changes to the chassis and the decoder no longer fit properly.    

KB884 Wired Decoder Installation in Atlas/Kato GP30/35

These instructions detail the installation of a wired Digitrax decoder (a DN140 in this example, but many wired decoders may be used) into an Atlas GP35 manufactured by Kato prior to September, 2007.  These units are marked "Japan" on the bottom of the locomotive.  Units marked "China" use a board replacement decodr such as the DN163A2.Installation DiagramNotes:A. Be sure motor leads (Gray & Orange) do not touch frames & have protective insulation in place.B. Be sure frame is straight & mechanism is correctly reassembled & can turn freely without binding.Wired Decoder Installation InstructionsFollow these steps for decoder installation with either ...