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.672” x 1.074” x .259” 17.08mm x 27.28mm x 6.6mm
Digitrax Easy Connect 9 Pin Harness
1.5 Amp/2 Amp Peak Current Rating
6 FX3 Functions, 0.5 Amp Total Function Current Rating

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KB1059 Power Xtender Compatibility

The following is a list of Digitrax Power Xtenders and the Digitrax Decoders they are compatible with.  Power Xtenders only work with the following Series 6 decoders.  All Power Xtenders are Plug and Play.  Digitrax does not support the use or installation of Power Xtenders on any other decoder not listed below.   PX108-2 & PX112-2 works with:DH126D, DH126PS, DH126PDH166D, DH166PS, DH166PDH126MTDH166MTSDH186MTSDXH186MT This Power Xtender has a 2 pin plug. PX108-6 & PX112-6 works with:SDN136PSSDXN136PS This Power Xtender has a 6 pin harness with 8 ohm Oval 10x18mm speaker. PX108-6f & PX112-6f works with:DN166PS This Power Xtender has a 6 ...

KB285 Mars Light in a Proto 2000 PA-1

I'm trying to install a DH123D decoder in a Life like P2K PA loco and make the mars light work. HELP! Because the DH123D is a two-function decoder (front headlight, rear headlight), it may not be the best decoder choice for this locomotive. In practice, some PA's had only one headlight, thus there would be no Mars light. The DH123D would be an appropriate choice for those locomotives. Typically, eastern railroads would just have one headlight; think Pennsy and Southern Railway. Western railroads, because of higher train speeds, often used warning lights such as the Mars Light or Pyle Gyra-Light; ...

KB1058 BXPA1 Advanced Setup

 OpSw Setup Enter OpSw mode by pressing the OpSw button.  The OPS and ID light will flash alternating RED and GREEN. Use your throttle in SWITCH mode to set switches to thrown or closed to match your desired OpSw setting.  There are currently no published OpSws for the BXPA1. If you erroneously set an OpSw, the BXPA1 can be factory reset by setting OpSw40 = Closed Trip Speed Pot The Trip Speed Pot can be adjusted to set the speed at which auto reversing and power management is resolved.  Turning the pot clockwise will make the speed slower and turning ...