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DH163K0 fits many Kato HO Diesel Locomotives

Retired in 2007

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KB886 Installation of Digitrax Wired Decoders in a Kato GP35 Diesel HO

Note: These instructions cover the hardwired installation of any Digitrax decoder with wires into a Kato GP35 H0 Diesel. Currently, the recommended decoder for current production GP35's from Kato are the DH163K0 board replacement decoder.  Using the board replacement decoders are much simpler and cleaner installation than the one described here.Tools Needed for Decoder InstallationYou'll need a few simple tools:1. A soldering iron, preferably temperature controlled.2. Solder3. Screwdriver4. Small diagonal cutters for cutting and stripping small wire5. TweezersMotor Isolation for Kato GP35Carefully remove the loco's shell and weight.To isolate the motor, disconnect the brass strips (motor brushes) from the track pick up ...