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DH163IP 1.5 Amp HO Scale Mobile Decoder with Integrated Medium Plug

Retired in 2007

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KB560 Broadway Limited F7 Loco-Which decoder fits?

Q: I have 2 Broadway non-sound F7 DC locos. I bought 2 DH163IP decoders for them. However the decoder is too large to fit into the 8 pin plug provided on the PC board in the loco. A: We recommend a DZ146PS for those locomotives. They will fit in the space available. Don't be confused by the Z designation of this decoder, it is rated at a full 1 amp to run most HO locos but it is small enough to fit in Z scale locos.

KB184 Mobile Decoder Naming Convention and Decoder Numbers

Current production Digitrax decoders use the following numbering system: The first character means that it is a digital decoder. This is always a “D”. The second character indicates the decoder’s physical size. This is based on the smallest "scale" the decoder is designed to fit. This will be a Z, N, H, or G. The third character is the current rating of the decoder. This will be a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. We designate 1.25 & 1.5 amp decoders as 1s and 3.5 amp decoders as 3s for simplicity. The fourth character indicates how many functions, including directional ...