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Series 3 HO Clip Installation for Athearn Standard Locomotives.

Decoder Lock equipped

This item was retired in August 2012 due to the unavailability of connector clips for building this product. We recommend using DH163D as a substitute.

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KB160 Rotary Beacon for Athearn MP15 with DH163AT Decoder

I have a Athearn HO Scale MP15 Soo Line and have installed a DH166 decoder. How do I get the rotary beacon to flash? Function Outputs on the DH166 The DH166 is set up at the factory to control six function outputs. The DH163AT is configured to control the forward and reverse lights on the locomotive through the yellow lead and white lead using Function 0 (F0F-forward yellow and F0R-reverse white) for directional lighting. Functions F1(green) and F2 (violet) are part of the harness for easy hookup. F3 and F4 are also available on the decoder board. These can be ...

KB467 Athearn DD40 HO Decoder Install with Two Motors

Q: I have a late 70's or early 80's Athearn EMD DD40. An article on Wiring For DCC suggested a DH83FX - 2amp decoder for Athearn "Covered Wagons." The pictures look like the inside of my loco except the DD40 has twin motors with joined drive shafts. In researching your site, I realize that the DH83FX is no longer manufactured, but I was led to the DH163AT as the current replacement. Will this work? I have some other Athearn SD40 units, same vintage, but single motors. Is this the correct decoder for them? A: The "AT" in the decoder name ...