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DG583S fits all large scale locos. Easy installation with screw terminals for all wire connections.

Decoder Lock equipped

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KB704 DG583S - Function Outputs

DG583S - Function Outputs 1. Function outputs are rated at 2 Amps each. Do not exceed the decoder’s 5 Amp total output rating. This total includes the motor current and total of all function output currents.2. To use a function output with an inductive(coil) type load, see the Digitrax Decoder Manual for more information to avoid damage to the decoder.3. See the Digitrax Decoder Manual for full details of wiring 12-16V lamps, 1.5V lamps, and LEDs. Lamps that draw more than 80 mA when running require a 22 ohm 1/4 watt resistor in series with the directional light function lead ...

KB892 SoundTraxx Sierra Sound with DG383AR, DG583AR & DG583S

When using Soundtrax Sierra Sound with Digitrax LArge Scale decoders, go to the Soundtrax website and download their SoundTraxx Technical Bulletin #7.  Technical bulletin available at   Soundtrax is your source for information using their Sierra Sound with Digitrax decoders.

KB705 Can I operate LGB LOCOs (with LGB decoders) on a Digitrax system?

The LGB MTS (Multi-Train System) is DCC based, so a system such as Digitrax Super Chief 8 Amp and a high current power supply such as the Digitrax PS2012 (rated at 20 amps) will work successfully.However, the LGB system is not a pure DCC system and there are reports of problems when Digitrax units are used to program LGB decoders, especially the sound decoders.  The latest LGB MTS decoders (Generation III) will operate with NMRA DCC systems, however some of the sounds and other functions may not work.  Some users have reported creating a "hybrid" system, but we do not recommend that ...

KB85 Digitrax Outdoor Operation

Will Digitrax work in an outdoor setting to control LGB, Bachmann, and Aristocraft engines on a small layout, possibly in a 20 x 20 area? What starter set would you recommend to run in the area stated? I would like wireless operation. Digitrax will work in that environment, with the same warnings that are associated with all other electrically powered devices and outdoor model railroads that use track power. The command systems must be protected from moisture, the track must be clean and the stationary decoders are not weatherproof. Wireless operation can be either infrared or radio, with radio being ...

KB587 AC Motor Operation

I want to run a small 12V -16V AC motor via DCC and am not sure if you have a decoder for this and if so how to connect up.For Variable Speed:Some Digitrax decoders, such as the DG583S, can be programmed to operate AC motors. When you program CV61 to a value of 004, Digitrax decoders with split field motor drive capabilities will convert their motor leads to drive a "split field" AC motor instead of the default DC motor. This lets you run Maerklin 3-pole AC motors and similar motors in a number of locos built in Europe with ...