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Only available as part of the new Evolution Express Premium Starter Set the DCS210+ is a combination Command Station & Booster. The DCS210+ operates as an advanced command station and booster on a Digitrax LocoNet system. The DCS210+ lets your LocoNet System run up to 100 locos and 100 throttles.
Complete with full read/write programming, Loco Reset and EZ routes buttons, and also a separate programming track so you can run trains and program at the same time.
The DCS210+ now includes a USB interface!

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KB1066 Digitrax DCS210+ Options switches

Digitrax DCS210+ Options switches: These documented Option Switches are implemented and tested option settings.  It is recommended that any undocumented option switches not be changed from the Factory Defaults (OPSW40=c) values to avoid unpredictable behavior. Option switches are an advanced topic, and most factory defaults work well for most layouts. OPSW# Name State Default Opsw2 DisableCS c= disable CS - Booster only   t Opsw3 Auto Reverse c= enable Booster reverser t Opsw6 Skip_Ptrk_Imin c= ignore empty Program track           t Opsw13 Purge long     c= extended PURGE time t Opsw14 Purge Off c= disable PURGING function t ...

KB505 Command Station Audible Beeps - DCS100, DCS200, DCS240, DB150

The DCS100, 200, 240 and DB150 use several beeps and clicks that can be used as diagnostic tools that will help you debug a number of error conditions.   DCS100/200 Audible Sounds 1 Beep           DCS100/200 has powered on successfully or has sent a programming command. 3 Beeps         A loco address has been "purged" due to non-use. This is informational only and is normal. 4 Beeps         Booster short circuit shutdown. Fault Alarm. 6 Beeps         Command station already present in system. When two command stations are operating on the same system, you may experience unexpected results. 7 Beeps         DCS100/200 CMOS battery low ...

KB1063 IPLing and Track Power with the DT602/D

IPLING From time to time the latest DT602 family throttle firmware will be updated and will be posted on the product support page.  These updates may slightly modify the DT602's operation, based on customer feedback/requests and priority support issues discovered. If you are happy with the operation of your DT602, and have no issues or new features you may want, it is not required to perform an available update. All DT602 family throttles should only be firmware updated or IPL'd while plugged directly into a working LocoNet. The Digitrax provided DMF file for field updating DT602's can be used for IPL of any ...

KB1073 Digitrax Series 7 Mobile and Sound decoder family CV settings

Digitrax series7 mobile decoders have many industry standard Configuration Variable (CV) numbers and values, as well as numerous Digitrax custom CV numbers and definitions or controls. The series7 CV values are a superset of older Digitrax FX3 series3 and series6 decoders, already covered in Digitrax Decoder Manual V2 on the Digitrax Web site. The “CV8 to 8 default” columns indicate current factory defined value after writing a value of 8 to CV8, using; Service mode programming track or Mainline Operations Mode Write to the active decoder address. An entry with value/xx indicates a xx number invokes the value before the ...