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KB1066: Digitrax DCS210+ Options switches

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Digitrax DCS210+ Options switches:

These documented Option Switches are implemented and tested option settings.  It is recommended that any undocumented option switches not be changed from the Factory Defaults (OPSW40=c) values to avoid unpredictable behavior.

Option switches are an advanced topic, and most factory defaults work well for most layouts.

OPSW# Name State Default
Opsw2 DisableCS c= disable CS - Booster only   t
Opsw3 Auto Reverse c= enable Booster reverser t
Opsw6 Skip_Ptrk_Imin c= ignore empty Program track           t
Opsw13 Purge long     c= extended PURGE time t
Opsw14 Purge Off c= disable PURGING function t
Opsw15 Purge To_Stop c= set PURGED loco's to ZERO spd. t
Opsw17 Dec Consist Off c= NO decoder CV19 ADV consist setups t
Opsw18 SC_Extend c= lengthen SC holdup from ~24->60mS t
Opsw19 OpsRD FB c= Ops mode FEEDBACK module installed c
Opsw20 Analog_Off c= Disable Adr00/ZERO STRETCH on TRACK t

Opsw21 Nu_Steps;

Opsw22 Nu_Steps;

Opsw23 Nu_Steps;

//000-128 STEP t, t, t  *** factory default  

//001-14 step  t, t, c

//010-28 step t, c, t


//100-128 step FX  c, t, t  (ADV consists allowed)

Opsw25 Dis_Rt_EchoLn c= CS Routes unpack/echo to Ln OFF(DCC only) t
Opsw26 Routes_On c= ROUTE logic ON in CS c
Opsw27 Bushby_bit c= DISABLE SW_REQ action and SW_STATE reply t
Opsw28 Pon_Introg_off c= DISABLE Interrogate at PON cmd t
Opsw31 Fast_SW_Rate c= MAX ROUTE SEND  rate, not 300mS/per t
Opsw33 EnPwrOnTrk c= PON TRK power ON if <E7>TRK bit ON c
Opsw34 EnPonIdle c= TRK Idle ON if <E7>NIDLE bit LO c
Opsw35 Dis_Mbl_Clr_SW c= disable ext Mobile Clear switch action t
Opsw36 MobileClr c= Clear Mobile/Consists (transient) t
Opsw37 RouteClr c= Clear routes (transient) t
Opsw38 LocoSW_SoftClr c= LocoSW  press will do Soft clr,not SLOT clr t
Opsw40 Manuf_Default c= Factory default OPSW AND Trk voltages t
Opsw41 Ln_Klix c= ENABLE beep on GOOD LocoNET MSG t
Opsw42 Purg_NoBeep c= DIASBLE  3 beeps on PURGE t
Opsw43 Dis_XtWr_TrkSTAT c= DISABLE TRACK_STAT update from NET t
Opsw47 Brake_NotProg c= BRAKE pkts from PROG when not PROGRAM t
Opsw49 Idle_Allow c= allow IDLE power stat, 0=no Idle allowed t
Opsw54 PON_spd_Nzero c= recall last spd at POR, not Zero t
Opsw66 Dis_AdvCMds c= do not use adv commands t
Opsw70 Dis_CS_probes c= disable <BB7F> Chk for other CS's t
Opsw71 Dis_POR_probeZap c= No extern CS disable, just defer t
Opsw75 DisProg_Prechrge c= Disable Prog track precharge t
Opsw77 DisLegacyLockout c= after D5 cmds lockout legacy SPD/fns etc t
Opsw78 Ack_B0_SW c = send out ACK on B0 sw cmd  

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