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The Digitrax Challenger starter set was the first start set we released. The set contained a CT4 throttle and a DB100a. These early sets also included a mobile decoder of your choice. The Challenger was shipped with one of the following mobile decoders, DH83, DN140, DH84, DH140, DN82, DN93, DH82, or DH84P.

The CT4 included with the Challenger is the only throttle Digitrax ever released that would not work on LocoNet. It was an analog input device for the command station.

Produced 1993-1998

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KB175 Erratic loco speed

Loco is running fine, then suddenly slows down, stops for a few moments, then starts up again to its original speed. This happens repeatedly and randomly (not at the same locations). Wheels, track are clean, doesn't seem to be a problem with other locos. Running HO using the Zephyr with Digitrax decoders. You did the right thing to make sure that the track and wheels are clean; that is one of the most common sources of problems with model trains, DCC or otherwise. What is probably happening is that the locomotive has been selected by two throttles. You are operating ...