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The Chief Starter set contained a DCS100 command station, and a DT100 throttle. These sets included a premium decoder of the appropriate scale for N or HO.

In addition the Chief starter set was available as a Radio Equipped Set.

Note early version Chief Starter Sets shipped with DCS100's with stereo clips as shown here. In versios produced in 2003 and later the screw terminal version of the DCS100 was shipped with Chief Starter Sets.

Produced from 1996-2000

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KB1062 SDH164K1 Function Connections

Series 4 decoders like the SDH164k1's will conform to the 10-pin wiring diagram   Function pads for F1 and F2 are located on the SDH164K1 boards on opposite sides by the front headlight. Functions 3 and 4 are located on the 10-pin wire harness, with the Brown wire being the F3 negative and the Yellow wire being the F4 negative.  F3 and F4 functions have a common positive connection to the solder point labeled in the middle of the board.     The common LED sizes used are 3 mm and 5 mm.