KB442 Customizing the DT400 Option #3 - Fast Clock Format

The fast clock can be set up to run in 12 hour format or 24 hour format.

KB443 Customizing the DT400 Option #3 - LCD Backlight Brightness Setting

The backlight intensity can be set for off, low, medium or high intensity. The brightness of the backlight affects battery life, the brighter the LCD, the shorter the battery life. When your DT400 is untethered from LocoNet, the backlight automatically reduces brightness by one setting to conserve battery power.

KB444 Customizing the DT400 Option #2 - Tetherless Operation Mode

Each DT400 can be set up with radio capability and/or infrared capability enabled, all tetherless operation disabled and power save enabled or disabled. DT400 is shipped with IR only enabled and DT400R is shipped with Radio & IR enabled

KB437 Customizing the DT400 Option #6

Do Not Change This Value. Option #6 sets the throttle type. All DT400’s are throttle type x44. You should not change this value.

KB445 Customizing the DT400 Option #2 - Throttle Default Decoder Operation

Each DT400 can be set up to operate new decoders selected by that DT400 as any decoder status code you choose. New decoders are defined as decoders that have not been selected in your system. Your DT400 is set to expect to operate mostly decoders that are 128 speed step capable, so when a new decoder is selected the DT400 defaults to that status code. If you operate mostly decoders that are only able to recognize 28 speed steps, you can change this setting.