KB721 Sound From Sound FX Decoder Shuts Down on Non-Digitrax System

The sound in your decoder shuts down after you stop it and you are not using a Digitrax system for control. On some DCC systems decoders are not addressed by DCC packets after the locomotive is set to 0 speed. In this case after the CV11 timeout elapses (6 second factory default setting for SoundFX decoders), sound will shut down. To remove the timeout and prevent sound shutdown, set CV11=00.  This would leave the sound in the locomotive on until you remove power from the loco.Digitrax command stations continue to refresh locomotives by periodically sending packets to them as long ...

KB594 Is Digitrax signaling and detection equipment compatable with other DCC systems?

Q: I have a Lenz Set 100 and was wondering if I can use my DCC system and use the Digitrax signaling and detection components. What about other DCC systems?A: Yes, Digitrax detection and signaling will work with any DCC system.  You will need to install a LocoNet network for the LocoNet components to communicate with each other and use a PR3 or MS100 to interface with a computer running software such as Railroad and Co.