KB960 Digitrax Transponding vs. Lenz RailCom

Transponding is proprietary technology of Digitrax Inc.  Transponding works with existing DCC compatible layouts. RailCom is proprietary technology of Lenz Elecktronik. This is sometimes referred to as "bi-directional communication."  It requires modifications to existing DCC equipment for proper operation.The two methods are not compatible, they do not use the same technology.

KB866 DZ121 - Compatibility with Easy DCC, MRC or Lenz

The DZ121 was discontinued in 2002.  There were some interoperability issues with Easy DCC, MRC and Lenz.  The exchange offer is no long valid.  This article is still published for reference only.At that time, Easy DCC, Lenz and MRC users could return DZ121's to Digitrax for no charge replacements that will work on their systems. There was no reason for Digitrax, Wangrow or NCE users to replace any DZ121 decoder unless they wre having problems.The text at that time:For Easy DCC and Lenz users who are having problems: To determine whether your DZ121 should be returned, read back CV07. A ...

KB873 Lenz LV100 Booster with LocoNet

Note: Upgrading to Digitrax from Lenz doesn't have to mean purchasing all new equipment! This app note shows you how to salvage some of your Lenz equipment when you move up to Digitrax!

KB874 Lenz LV100 Booster with Digitrax DT200 Command Station

Note: Upgrading to Digitrax from Lenz doesn't have to mean purchasing all new equipment! This app note shows you how to salvage some of your Lenz equipment when you move up to Digitrax!

KB875 Lenz Systems Using Digitrax Boosters

You can have the power and reliability of Digitrax boosters even if you use a Lenz Command Station. You can use Digitrax boosters to automate reverse loops, too. Digitrax boosters can be used with the Lenz Command Station to provide more power for driving the layout. Many customers are using DB150, DB200, or DB100 series boosters instead of LV100's because the DB150’s & DB100's are very reliable 5 amp boosters with plenty of heat sinking capability to prevent heat related booster shutdows. Equipment needed: 1) A Lenz LZ100 Command Station. 2) A DB150, DB100 or a DB200 series booster. 3) ...

KB877 Programming the Digitrax DA120 Decoder Installed in Atlas Locos With Wangrow and Lenz Systems

This application note concerns the DA120 deocder, which began production in 1997 and was discontinued around 2000. The DA120 decoder that is being shipped with the Atlas locomotives has certain variables that are available for programming. These guidelines are provided for those who are using the Wangrow or Lenz systems for programming the DA120 decoders.The following variables were selected by Atlas to be offered in the DA120. These CV's are available to be programmed on the DA120:    * CV01 - Address    * CV02 - Start Voltage    * CV03 - Acceleration Rate    * CV04 - Deceleration Rate    * CV05 - Maximum ...

KB878 14, 28 or 128 Speed Steps-Why?

This article was originally posted on this site in 2006, but the source material dates back much further than that, probably back to the early 1990's, when DCC was an emerging control system. The article discusses non-sound mobile decoder programming operations. Many of the issues discussed in this article are less relevant when using recently produced decoders, but this text still does cover some questions which may be raised when you are using mobile decoders which were manufactured by other companies. These decoders will operate in the Digitrax environment, but you may need to make some adjustments.The earliest Digitrax mobile ...

KB721 Sound From Sound FX Decoder Shuts Down on Non-Digitrax System

The sound in your decoder shuts down after you stop it and you are not using a Digitrax system for control. On some DCC systems decoders are not addressed by DCC packets after the locomotive is set to 0 speed. In this case after the CV11 timeout elapses (6 second factory default setting for SoundFX decoders), sound will shut down. To remove the timeout and prevent sound shutdown, set CV11=00.  This would leave the sound in the locomotive on until you remove power from the loco.Digitrax command stations continue to refresh locomotives by periodically sending packets to them as long ...

KB594 Is Digitrax signaling and detection equipment compatable with other DCC systems?

Q: I have a Lenz Set 100 and was wondering if I can use my DCC system and use the Digitrax signaling and detection components. What about other DCC systems?A: Yes, Digitrax detection and signaling will work with any DCC system.  You will need to install a LocoNet network for the LocoNet components to communicate with each other and use a PR3 or MS100 to interface with a computer running software such as Railroad and Co. 

KB937 Lenz Command Stations Read Back

To harmonize with NMRA’s “RP 9.2.3” programming RP, the DH140 and subsequent decoders do not implement the “legacy” {F9} decoder interrogate instruction. Note that this will not allow correct “address” read back on Marklin 6032 and older revision Lenz programmers that use this older {F9} instruction, and not physical register 1 read back. Note that even though the read back will fail with no confirmation, you will always be able to write a new value correctly.