KB948: Retired Digitrax Products Continue To Work With New Products on LocoNet

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I own a Digitrax Starter Set that is now discontinued. Can I still use it and can it be upgraded?

LocoNet lets you use all Digitrax LocoNet components in your system no matter when you purchased them.

You can continue to use what you already own with new components as they become available.

Note:  This will work with all starter sets except for Challenger. If you have a Challenger Set and you want to move up, the best thing to do is to purchase one of the new sets and use the DB100 series booster that came with your Challenger as an extra booster or auto-reversing booster on your layout. The CT4 throttle that came with the Challenger Set is not a LocoNet throttle, it is an analog throttle that can’t be used with LocoNet.

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