KB932: CV29 - Configuration Register - Overview

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CV29 is also called the Configuration Register.  It is a special CV that handles several different aspects of locomotive behavior.

Characteristics Controlled by CV29:

1.     Speed Step Control:  Advanced Mode (28/128 speed steps) or Standard Mode (14 speed steps).

2.     Speed Tables: On or Off

3.     Analog mode conversion: On or Off

4.     Normal Direction of Travel (NDOT)

5.     2 or 4 Digit Address selection

Determining CV Value To Program Into CV29

The numerical value value you will program into CV29 will affect many important decoder characteristics.  Each of these characteristics is controlled by a "software switch." This switch is either on or off depending on the CV value programmed.  Following are two methods to determine the value to program into CV29.

Lookup Table Method

Addition Method

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