KB816: DS64 - Overview

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DS64 Quad Stationary Decoder      

The DS64 is a Stationary Decoder for use with 4 slow motion, solenoid, or bi-polar turnout machines

  • Simple to hook up and configure


  • Controls 4 individual turnout machines:


4 Slow motion turnout machines, such as TortoiseTM by Circuitron or SwitchmasterTM


4 Solenoid-type turnout machines such as three wire (twin coil type) Peco or Atlas Snap Switches or two wire bi-polar type turnout machines such as Kato Unitrack, AristoCraft, or LGB turnouts with capacitive discharge capability

  • Support for up to 8 routes


  • Screw terminals make installation easy


  • Use with any LocoNet Compatible System


  • DCC compatible for non-LocoNet Use


  • FCC Class B compliant


The DS64 is a state of the art stationary decoder that can control multiple types of turnout machines and other stationary accessory motors and lighting. The DS64 accepts commands from LocoNet Compatible Command Stations & Throttles (via LocoNet), DCC Command Stations & Throttles (via the rails), a computer (via LocoNet), or via eight manual inputs. Each output can handle up to two devices simultaneously.

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