KB783: DS51K1 Stationary Address Programming

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This procedure is best done after installation of the decoder to the turnout.  The process is "blind", so it is easier to program this decoder after installation because you can then test the operation of the turnout with its new address.  The DS51K1 can be installed into the base of the turnout or attached to the bottom of the layout near the turnout.

1. Turn off track power and temporarily connect the yellow programming wire from the DS51K1 to the same rail as the black wire.

2. Turn on track power.

3. Using your throttle, select the address you want to program into the DS51K1 and press either c (closed) or t (thrown) to operate the turnout and program the address.

4. Disconnect the yellow programming wire from the track and fold it away so that it can’t make contact with the track.

DS51K1 Caution:

DS51K1 is designed for SINGLE turnout machine control only. Use of multiple turnout machines with this decoder will cause damage to the decoder.  If you want to control more than one turnout, such as in a crossover situation, use additional DS51K1s and program them to the same address

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