KB776: DT402 & DT400 Series Throttle Display Basics

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The DT402 & DT402's screens are an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) that is designed to show you what you are controlling with the throttle.  It also facilitates programming and other features of the LocoNet system.

1. The handheld has two throttles called the left throttle (L) and the right throttle (R).

2. There are two direction indicators. One for the L throttle and one for the R Throttle. If the direction indicator is lit, and there is smoke over the loco icon there is an address selected on that throttle.

3. The direction indicator with blinking smoke indicates which throttle is currently active. The active throttle is the one for which function and text information is currently displayed on the LCD screen. Also, keypad entries control functions for the active throttle.

4. The direction indicator shows the direction of travel of a DCC equipped loco selected on that throttle, for reverse and for forward. If you are running an analog loco, the direction indicator will only indicate change in track polarity and will not necessarily match the direction of travel of an analog loco.

5. The current mode of operation is shown in center of the bottom line of the display. The normal operating mode is Fn or Function Mode for running trains. In this mode, the throttle knobs and direction keys control the speed and direction of the locos. The Y + & N- Keys can also be used to increase or decrease speed. The numeric keypad is used for direct access to functions.

For example, in Fn mode, to increase speed you can either turn the throttle knob clockwise or press the Y + Key. To change the loco’s direction you can either double click the throttle knob or you can press the reverse key associated with the throttle you are using. To access functions on the active address you are controlling, simply press the numeric key that corresponds to the function you want to activate or deactivate. When you are in switch mode, the keypad is used for entering switch commands while the throttle knobs and direction keys continue to run the trains.

Note: F9-F12 not available with DB150 Command Stations.

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