KB675: Resetting a mobile decoder to factory settings

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Most Digitrax mobile decoders have a global reset function, which returns the decoder's CVs to their factory default settings.

This is useful if the CV values in a particular decoder have been changed with less than wonderful results. For example, you may have accidentally set the CV value for acceleration so that the engine won't move for minutes when issued a speed command. This makes it look like the decoder is not working when all it needs is to have the CV value for acceleration reset. Many of the decoders that are sent to us for repair just need to have their CV values reset to return them to an operational state. So, we strongly recommend that you try using one of the reset CVs befor sending a decoder in for repair.

Program CV08 to a value of 08 and all of the CVs in the decoder will be set to their factory default values. All Digitrax decoders will run with the factory default CV values and you will be able to start over and experiment with tweaking them from that point. We recommend that you keep a list of CV values you program for each of your decoders so you'll have a starting point if you have to re-set to factory defaults.

If you have spent the time to program loadable speed tables into your decoder you may wish to preserve these CV values because it takes a long time to program them into the decoder. In that case you can program CV08 to a value of 09 and all the CVs except for the loadable speed table will be set to factory original values.

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