KB651: What is the Digitrax LocoMotion System?

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Your locomotives look like the real thing, Digitrax LocoMotion™ System makes them run like the real thing, too!


  • 128 speed step control.


  • Smooth deceleration to stop before changing direction when locomotive is reversed. No sudden, non-prototypical stops!


  • Torque compensation for the smoothest operation ever.


  • Momentum with acceleration and deceleration settings.


  • Set normal direction of travel for your loco.


  • Switching speed feature for quick access to slower switching speeds.


  • Simple 3 step speed tables are easy to set up.


  • Advanced 28 step speed tables with 256 level resolution.


  • Scaleable speed stabilization feature.

Note: not every Digitrax decoders has all of these features so check the spec sheet for your decoder.

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