KB611: Using Kato #4 N-Scale Unitrack Turnouts With DCC

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Kato and Digitrax recommend the best DCC performance with the Unitrack turnout requires that you set each #4 turnout to "Non-power-routing". 

You can do this by changing the position of the screw that sets power routing which is located on the bottom of each #4 turnout.  There are two screw adjustments on a Unitrack turnout, one for making the turnout non-power routing and the other being for setting either "live" or "insulated" frog (the point where the two rails cross)l  Leave the frog screw in the "insulated" position.

It should be noted that some N-scale Unitrack production has the routing/non-routing connections mislabeled, with the English-language description cast into the plastic base of the track being opposite of what it should be.  If in doubt, use an ohmmeter to determine of the points are set for "routing" or "non-routing".





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