KB590: Q&A - Powering DS64

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Q:  How do you connect more than one DS64 to a single power supply like a PS14 to power them or do you need a separate power supply for each DS64?

A:  One power supply can be used if it can provide adequate power for all the DS64s it is powering.

The PS14 has a built-in circuit breaker; when it exceeds its capacity, it will shut down, cool off and then start up again. If you are experiencing this behavior then you need to add one or more PS14s to provide enought power for the DS64s you have connected. 

Our recommendation of one PS14 for each DS64 is in the interest of simple operation and you may be able to run more than one DS64 per PS14 in your specific situation.

Q:  Can I use the terminals labeled TRK A and TRK B on the front of DS64 to connect directly to my layout’s rail ‘A’ and rail ‘B’ respectively?

A:  Yes, but, when connecting multiple DS64s, make sure that you keep the connections consistent with respect to Rail A and Rail B.

Q:  If a DS64 is powered by a separate power supply connected to AX1 and AX2 or the 12V DC modular power connect at the rear of the unit does it also have to be connected to the track via TRK A and TRK B?

A:  No. One connection is enough.

Q:  Can I assume that any of the 3 powering options are acceptable for OpSw changes?

A:  It does not matter which connection strategy you need as long as the DS64 is powered.

Q:  Is it safe to use 15VAC on AX1,AX2 ?

A:  No.  If using the AX1 (-) and AX2 (+) connections on the front of the unit, the DS64 should be powered with a DC power supply such as the Digitrax PS14.

The PS12 power supply has been discontinued and is replaced by the PS14
power supply. The PS14 is a plug compatible replacement for the PS12 (Any Digitrax product that used a PS12 can safely use the PS14.)

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