KB584: DCS100 - Firmware Update?

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Q: I have the original DCS100 with the old style non-removable wire connectors. What would I gain with a firmware upgrade?

A: Early DCS100s that do not access Functions 9 - 12. If you have a DCS100 that you would like to have updated, please send it to the Digitrax Repair Department for updating. This update is a chip change only and the original style connectors will not be changed to the new style connectors. The circuit boards used for the two different connectors are completely different and are not interchangeable.

The DCS100 must be sent to us for this procedure. We do not send out CPUs to customers because we cannot guarantee the update unless we install it and test it in our factory.  The current firmware for the DCS100 is "FG".

Please complete the online repair form or provide information regarding what you want done as well as payment, your name, address, telephone number and email address and send it with your unit for updating.


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