KB55: RR&Co Settings for BDL168 & BXP88 Operation

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Railroad & Co. is a suite of computer programs for both digitally and conventionally controlled model railroads.

The BDL168 needs to have several Option Switches changed for proper operation with Railroad & Co.'s Train Controller program.

Our recommendations are based upon experience with earlier versions of the program:

Suggested BDL168 Settings for Railroad & Co. (from European users):

OpSw9 = Closed (No message sent if un-powered) OpSw36 = Closed (Ignore GPON) OpSw37 = Closed (Long delays for sensors) OpSw38 = Closed (Extra long delay for sensors) OpSw39 = Closed (Verbose mode enabled) OpSw43 = Closed (Filter for transponding disabled) OpSw45 = Closed (Don't send Transponding messages at GPOFF)


Configure Traincontroller Gold for use with BXP88

This is from our friend Basil Panas - 


"I would like to inform you that the BXP88 works with Traincontroller Gold.  In EDIT mode, you double-click on the block, select BLOCK EDITOR, click on the yellow dot (NEW CONTACT INDICATOR).  This turns the block pink which you must double-click again to access the CONNECTION tab.  There is a drop-down under DIGITAL SYASTEM which if you selected LocoNet when you set up TC, will give you a choice of several LocoNet connections.  Select LOCONET - PLAIN NUMBER.  In the address field, enter the detection section number of your BXP99 for that block.  This will depend on the board ID as laid out on page 8 of the BXP88 instruction manual.


I hope this information will be valuable to future users."

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