KB489: Programming DCS100 or DCS200 Option Switches with a DT300 throttle

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Instructions below are for both DCS100 & DCS200 (DCS200 omitted in text for clarity).

1. Refer to the DCS100 Option Switch Table to decide which option switches you want to change.

Also note that there are special instructions for OpSw's 36, 37, 38, & 39.

2. Move the MODE toggle switch on the front of the DCS100 into the "OP" position .

The LocoNet Railsync will go inactive & all other boosters plugged in to LocoNet, including the one that is built into the DCS100, will shut down.

3. Disconnect LocoNet from the DCS100 you are configuring.

4. Connect your DT300 throttle directly to either DCS100 LocoNet jack A or B.

5. Press the Mode Key on the DT300 to enter Sw (Switch) mode.

Since the DCS100's MODE toggle switch is set to "OP", switch commands from your throttle will now control DCS100 option switch settings instead of the accessory decoders (usually turnouts) on the layout!

6. Use the R Throttle knob to dial in the OpSw you want to change.

As you browse through the OpSws, the right side of the text area will show the current setting for each OpSw , either 'c' or 't'.

7. Use the R Reverse Key to set the OpSw to c (closed) or the L Reverse Key to set the OpSw to t (thrown).

8. Exit DCS100 Option Switch Mode by moving the MODE toggle switch on the DCS100 to RUN .

Remember to reconnect LocoNet to the DCS100.

Track power will be off so you will need to use your DT400 to turn it on again before you can run trains.

Do not adjust any Op Switches marked 'Do Not Change'

These option switches are reserved and changing them may give unpredictable operations.

Do not changes any option switches not listed in the table.

NOTE: *Special Instructions for DCS100 Op Switches 36, 37, 38, & 39 For Op Switch #36-#39 to work properly:

1. Set the OpSw to 'c' by pressing the R Reverse Key.

2. Set the DCS100's MODE Switch to 'SLEEP' mode.

3. Set the DCS100's MODE Switch back to 'RUN' mode.

4. The operation will occur (data will be cleared) and the option switch will reset to 't'.

5. Your DT300 display will still show 'c' even though the reset has occurred.

6. The display will update the next time you access the OpSw.

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