KB484: DS64 or SE8C for Slow Motion Turnout Machine Control?

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Q:  We will be using your SE8C's for signaling. Should we use the SE8C to control our slow motion switch machines, or should we use your DS64s for that function?

A:  Both products will do the job. How you plan to use them on your layout will help you decide which is better in your situation.

Here are some things to consider in making your decision:

The SE8C will drive 8 slow-motion switch machines while the DS64 will drive four. If you have a large number of switch machines in a specific area, the SE8C might be a better choice, since the necessary wires from the decoder to the switch machines will be relatively short. If your switch machines are further apart and you don't want long wire runs, the DS64 might be a better choice since you can distribute them around the layout.

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