KB483: Bushby Bit - Disable Normal Switch Commands

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Q: What's a "Bushby bit"?

A: In your command station, OpSw27 can be toggled to disable normal switch commands, a.k.a. the "Bushby bit."

This allows the layout operator to use an attached PC to handle switch control logic.

Under normal conditions, advanced throttles can be used to operate turnouts which are controlled by LocoNet-connected stationary decoders. The factory default setting for OpSw27 is "t". Toggling OpSw27 to "c" takes this control away from the individual throttles and gives it to a controlling computer.

Such an application would be a railroad with CTC control, where the train movements are directed by signals and train crews simply operate the train.

Toggling OpSw27 disables throttle control of turnouts, but does not disable available local button control by the individual stationary decoders which operate the turnout motors.

The Bushby Bit is named after Strad Bushby, of Maryland, who suggested this feature.

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