KB481: PM42 - Automatic Reverse Section Control

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Q:  What is the basic configuration and Option Switch (OpSw) settings for each of the four sections of the PM42 when configured for automatic reverse section control?

A:  The PM42 is a 4 section multi-purpose device where each of the four sections can be individually configured to act as either a circuit breaker, or auto-reverse section controller or DPDT relay.

When configured as an auto-reverse section controller, the PM42 adjusts the rail phasing of the reversing section it controls whenever a locomotive, or car with metal wheels, bridges the gaps between the rails of that reverse section and an adjacent non-reversing section of track on the railroad.

The PM42, connected to an active LocoNet, transmits a message packet each time the output phasing of an auto reversing section changes.

The following diagram indicates the basic configuration, and power routing terminals for a section of the PM42 when configured for Auto-Reverse Section Control.

Note: The following chart indicates the OpSw settings for each section of the PM42 along with the associated pin identification (for both input and output terminals) of the 44-pin edge connector for all four PM42 sections.

Note: The current and sensitivity settings have no effect on the operation of a PM42 section configured to respond as an auto-reverse section controller.

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