KB327: Using the DS64 with internal DSC100 routes

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When using a DCS100 or DCS200 to setup routes within the Command Station in conjunction with DS64 Stationary Decoders, the DS64 needs to be connected to Track Power. The DCS100/200 does not send internal route messages via LocoNet. DCS100/200s only send Routes as a series of switch commands out to the Track in DCC format.

 The DSC100/200 were designed in 1996 and had no requirement to echo these same switch commands out via LocoNet.

 Additionally, DS64 Stationary Decoders are designed to allow up to 8 Routes to be programmed internally into them. Please refer to the DS64 manual and other Tech Support Depot articles for additional information on programming Routes.

 The use of Third-Party Software LocoNet Checker allows for quick and easy programming of Routes in your DS64.

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