KB318: DCS100 - CMOS Battery Replacement

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When you hear 7 beeps when power is applied to your DCS100, you need to replace the CMOS battery.

The DCS100 will continue to operate, even if this battery is not present, but all your memory settings and option switch settings will not be remembered when the DCS100 is powered down.

To replace the CMOS battery without losing any memory settings

Remove the DCS100 input power & disconnect all DCS100 leads.

Open the DCS100 case:

  • a. Remove the two screws on the top and bottom of each side of the case.
  • b. Slide the gray front panel off the DCS100.

3. Locate the empty coin cell holder on the upper PC board at the top left of the unit.

There are 2 battery holders and it does not matter which holder has a good battery installed.

Slide a new CR2032 style 20mm diameter 3V lithium coin cell in the empty holder with the "+" terminal visible on the top side.

5. Remove the old battery from the other battery holder and discard the battery.

Be sure not to short the arm on the top of the battery holder to the metal case or to any PC board connection inside the case.

Reassemble the DCS100 case.

Be sure not to disturb other components and not to leave any loose parts inside when you put the case back together.

Reconnect the DCS100 and listen for the single beep when it comes on.

If you hear 7 beeps again, either the battery was not installed correctly or it was not a good battery

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