KB315: Resetting Super Chief

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There are times, when all else has failed, that it is best to simply start over.

To reset Super Chief, you can use the Chief's option switches to start fresh.

*Special Instructions for DCS100 Op Switches 36, 37, 38, & 39 For Op Switch #36-#39 to work properly:


In this example, a complete reset will occur (Option Switch 39).

1. Place the DCS100's MODE toggle switch on the DCS100 in the Center OP position

2. Press the SWCH key on the DT400/DT402/DT500

3. Press 3 and then press 9

4. Set the OpSw of choice to c by pressing the CLOC c Key.

5. Set the DCS100's MODE Switch to SLEEP mode

6. Set the DCS100's MODE Switch back to RUN mode

7. The operation will occur (data will be cleared) and the option switch will reset to t.

8. Your DT400/402/500 display will still show c even though the reset has occurred.

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