KB279: Button Control of Kato Turnouts

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I have my Kato Switches hooked up to a standard switch panel with toggle momentary switches.

Can I hook up the DS51K1 stationary decoder in addition to this wiring?

In other words, if hooked up the DS51K1 to the Kato Switch Machine that was already wired to another source to throw the switch, would the momentary power damage the decoder when it is operated by the standard control panel?

I would like to operate these switches via DCC and by the control panel.

In this situation, it would appear that using a DS64 configured for Kato turnouts (solenoid turnouts) and using the remote buttons connected to the DS64 would be a better choice.

You also gain the LocoNet advantage with the DS64, which is not present with the DS51K1.

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