KB234: CV29 - Speed Tables

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CV29 is assigned a single value which chooses a combination of specific effects:

1. Speed step control.

2. Speed table On or Off.

3. Analog mode conversion On or Off.

4. Normal Direction of Travel (NDOT).

5. 2 digit addressing or 4 digit addressing.

Speed Tables
: Speed tables can be enabled or disabled with CV29.

Speed tables are used to customize the throttle response curve of each decoder equipped locomotive.

The speed table values can be stored in the decoder and then the table can be turned on or off with CV29.

One example of such usage would be for a road switcher.

With the speed table set to "off", the locomotive would operate in a normal fashion.

With the speed table turned "on", the locomotive's speed limits could be changed so that the locomotive operates in a narrower speed range, giving greater control while switching industries.

Once the locomotive returned to mainline operation, the table would be again turned off.

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