KB213: LocoNet Adapters LA1 & LA2

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The first Digitrax system to use LocoNet was Big Boy. Each Big Boy system came with a LocoNet Adapter 1 (LA1) or LocoNet Adapter 2 (LA2). Documentation for these units was minimal, but is included here. LA1 LA-1 came with a simple card:

LocoNet Adapter

Use this cable to connect your DB100 to your DT200 command station unit and to your LocoNet command bus. The LA-1 allows you to connect more than one throttle to your Big Boy System. You only need one LA-1 in a Big Boy System. If you are upgrading to Big Boy from Challenger, you will need one LA-1 & one DT200. LA-2 LA-2 also came with an instruction card:

All subsequent Digitrax Command Stations and Booster have been manufactured with integral LocoNet Adapters, and the LA-1 and LA-2 are considered to be obsolete. Unless you are still using one, in which case they are "Heritage" systems, still functional and operating as designed.

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