KB136: DB200+ - Autoreversing Booster

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To make the DB200+ an Auto Reversing Booster follow the following steps:

1. Remove input power from the DB200+ by turning off the Input Power Supply.

2. Move the Mode Switch to the center P/R or OP position

3. Restore power to the DB200+ by turning on the Input Power Supply. Use the below diagram as a guide to configuring the DB200+ for Reverse Loops. Please note that for Auto Reverse applications the DB200+'s Mode Switch is set to the center P/R or OP position. Also note the DB200+ connections to the track- the DB200+ track connections are NOT directly connected to the track of any other booster or command station on your layout. In every case Digitrax requires block type (double gapped) isolation for each booster and command station.

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