USRA Light Mikado

USRA Light Mikado

Nickel Plate Road 587

#587 in the restoration shops at the ITM
Power type: Steam
Builder: Baldwin Locomotive Works
Serial number: 49683
Model: USRA Light Mikado
Build date: September 1918
Configuration: 2-8-2
UIC classification: 1'D1'
Gauge: 4 ft 8 1/2 in (1,435 mm)
Leading wheel diameter: 33 in (0.838 m)
Driver diameter: 63 in (1.600 m)
Trailing wheel diameter: 43 in (1.092 m)
Length: 90 ft 6 7/8 in (27.61 m)
Height: 14 ft 11 in (4.55 m)
Weight on drivers: 221,500 lb (100.5 t)
Locomotive weight: 290,800 lb (131.9 t)
Locomotive & tender combined weight: 476,500 lb (216.1 t)
Tender type: NKP class 22RA
Fuel type Coal
Fuel capacity: 40,000 lb (18.1 t)
Water capacity: 22,000 US gal (83,000 l; 18,000 imp gal)
Boiler pressure: 200 psi (1.38 MPa)
Firegrate area: 66.7 sq ft (6.20 m2)
Cylinder size: 26 in × 30 in (660 mm × 762 mm)
Valve gear: Walschaerts
Tractive effort: 54,720 lbf (243.4 kN)
Career: Lake Erie and Western Railroad; Nickel Plate Road
Class: NKP H-6o
Number in class: 2nd of 15
Number: LEW 5541, NKP 587
Retired: 1955
Restored: 1988
Current owner Indiana Transportation Museum, Noblesville, Indiana
Disposition: Under restoration at Noblesville, Indiana
Nickel Plate Road Steam Locomotive No. 587

Sound Projects

There is 1 Sound Project for this Locomotive
Mikado 8 bit project by John McMasters, added on May 8, 2013

Low speed: A standing Locomotive collects condensed water in its cylinder as trapped steam cools. Since it isn't

Compressible, this water can blow out a cylinder head when the engine starts.

To avoid this ,the engineer first opens valves called cylinder cocks under each end of the

cylinders(sometimes in the middle too ). Then when the engine starts,the exhaust steam comes

Whoooshing out of the cylinder cocks with the condensate instead of chugging up the stack.

Engines doing this spray steam from under their cylinder.

The starting steam cock open is controlled by CV147 (about =14) since steam loco has no drier.


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