Diesel locomotive T679

Diesel locomotive T679

Between 1966 and 1979 a total of 599 locomotives was imported into Czechoslovakia where at first they were given a T679.1 designation for standard-gauge locomotives and T679.5 for broad-gauge machines. Later those numbers were changed to 781 and 781.8 respectively. Those machines were working in the Czech Republic and Slovakia until 2002.


Sound Projects

There is 1 Sound Project for this Locomotive
T769 8 bit project by Marek Szucs , added on Nov. 18, 2013

Digitrax T679.0 Sound scheme  Copyright (c) October 2013  

project:  T679.0.spj
FM SDF:  T679.0.sdf
Author  Marek Szucs

(A) Function Key Usage:

F0-     Lights
F1-    Bell
F2-     Horn,              [CV150 selects Horn type]
F3-     Coupler crash        [Autocoupler/brake set by  CV151 max spd]
F4-     Air feature disable- F4 to OFF enables pop-off,drier and starts compressor
F5-     Dynamic Brakes feature (if desired)
F6-     Manual Notch UP, if CV155 is not 00
F7-     Crossing Gate Airhorn    - or Manual Notch DOWN, if CV155 is not 00
F8-     Mute control,     [F8 ON is muted.]
F9-     Engine Brake squeal
F10-     Crossing gate Airhorn sequence
F11-    Engine Handbrake
F12-    Engine Sander
F13-    Cab door

(B) T679.0 Sound FX defined CV's:     [decoder CV8=8  Factory reset value in sq. brackets]

CV58    Master Volume, 0-15, 0= max, (F8 used for Mute) [9]

CV122    Product TYpe, 12 = Digitrax SFX sound decoder     (Read Only Value)
CV123    Hardware Version                (Read Only Value)

CV132    Notch rate                    [127]
CV135    Volume when Muted                [00]

User configurable SoundCV's:

CV140    PRIME mover vol                0-64    [60]
CV141    BELL vol                0-64    [25]
CV142    WHISTLE volume                0-64    [60]
CV143    Air features volume (popoff, drier,comp) 0-64    [30]
CV145    Misc vols                 0-64    [40]        
CV146    BELL delay (24mS counts)          1-100    [7]
CV147    Drier rate, 1= about  2secs      1-64        [2]
CV148    Compressor Start rate                [30]
CV149     COMPRESSOR ON time                [20]
CV150    Horn Selector        0=std P5a Horn , 1=Playable volume  Horn 2=Alternate Horn     [0]
CV151 PEAK speed to allow AUTO coupler/brake on DIR change and F3 on.  0-60         [48]
CV152    Author ID        Digitrax=0xdd        [221]
CV153    Project ID        U33            [20]
CV154    Unused
CV155    Notching Mode,0=AUTO, 1=SEMIAUTO,2=MANUAL NOTCHES [0]    

(C) General Notes

Sounds recorded by M. Szucs Slovakia

For CV155=01 ["Semi_automatic Notching"],  the Prime mover lowest Notch setting is set by
 the throttle speed setting. F6 (ON) can increase the Notch and F7 (ON) will decrease the Prime mover
to the minimum notch set by current throttle setting.

------[end T679.0 SDF/DECODER definition]--------------

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