BR British "Standard 5" Scheme

BR British "Standard 5" Scheme

The British Railways Standard Class 5MT 4-6-0 was one of the 12 standard classes of steam locomotive built by British Railways in the 1950s. It was essentially a development of the LMS Stanier Class 5 4-6-0 ("Black Five"). 172 were built between 1951 and 1957.

Sound Projects

There is 1 Sound Project for this Locomotive
BR_std5 8 bit project by Digitrax, Inc, added on July 20, 2011

Digitrax, British Standard 5 (Watercress line) Sound scheme.  Copyright (c) Digitrax Inc. Nov27 2007
(Initial project release- check Digitrax web site for later versions)

project: BR_std5.spj
SDF:      BR_std5
Author  AJ Ireland
    Digitrax Inc.

(A) Function Key Usage:

F0-     Lights (no UK sounds)
F1-    Short Whistle- leave F1 ON to allow automatic whistles on start
F2-     Whistle          
F3-     Coal Shovel cycle- Leave F3 ON  to allow automatic coaling set by CV147
F4-     Vacuum pump manual ON (when moving)
F5-     Water injector
F6-     Steam Cylinder Blowdown
F7-     Wheelslip
F8-     Mute control,     [F8 ON is muted.]
F9-     Brake squeal
F10-     Power Sander
F11-     Power Greaser-  When speed=0!
F12-     Safety Steam Blowoff

(B) British Standard 5  Sound FX defined CV's:     [decoder CV8=8  reset value in brackets]

CV58    Master Volume, 0-15, 0= max, (F8 used for Mute) [9]
CV60    Scheme select CV, 0=Steam,             [0]

CV121    Software Version, MUST be 2 or higher        [3]    (Read Only Value)
CV122    Product TYpe, 12 = Digitrax SFX sound decoder     Read Only Value
CV123    Hardware Version, 17= SDH104K1 decdoer        Read Only Value
CV124    Flash Signature                    [2]    (Read Only Value)
CV125    16KB free blocks                [0]    (Read Only Value)
CV126    FAT flags                    [7]    (Read Only Value)
CV127    Internal     Flags                [0]    (Read Only Value)
CV128    IPL counter                    [0]    (Read Only Value)

CV133 Steam Chuff/CAM config, 128=>EXT cam, 1-127=>DRIVER dia in inches[63]
CV134 Steam gear ratio trim, 32=100% ratio,    [32]
CV135    Volume when Muted            0-64        [0]

User configurable SoundCV's:

CV140    PRIME mover chuff vol              0-64    [60]
CV142    WHISTLE vol                0-64    [60]
CV143    Air features vol (popoff,drier,comp)    0-64    [30]
CV145    Coal/Sander vols             0-64    [40]        
CV147    Coal Shovel rate, (1= about 2secs)     1-64    [50]
CV148    Water Injector rate                [30]
CV149    Vacuum Pump rate                [25]
CV150    Whistle Selector,0=std , 1=Playable volume      [0]
CV152    Author ID    Digitrax=0xDD/221        [221]
CV153    Project ID    STD5                [18]
CV154    Steam Blowdown/Safety vol        0-64    [60]

CV160    Variant ID                    [4]

(C) General Notes

This sound recording courtesy of Watercress Heritage Railway,  UK. .
All sounds recorded by AJ Ireland at Watercress Heritage Line,  June 2007.
Each engine we have recorded has a distinct 'personality', so a particular locomotive example may sound slightly different
due to unique e.g. tappet, crank-rate shell vibrations and exhaust-stack, chuff differences. Horns and bells are often moved between locomotives, and
some roads may change/upgrade prime-movers, or change a normally aspirated engine with turbo-chargers etc.

------[end BR_std5  SDF/DECODER definition]--------------

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