DT200 Command Station & Throttle

This product has been replaced by the Super Walkaround/IR Throttle (DT400) and is no longer available. Click here to view the DT400.

DT200 is a throttle and command station that was shipped with Big Boy Starter Sets.

DT200 was discontinued in 1998.

As of 11/28/2005 is is unrepairable due to unavailability of repair parts.

DT200 Features:

  • Combination Command Station/Throttle
  • LocoNet Compatible
  • Control up to 127 locos
  • 128 speed step operation
  • LCD display and LED indicators show throttle status at a glance
  • Use Knobs or Buttons to control speed and select locos
  • Encoder Knobs for fine speed control
  • Universal consisting
  • Control functions F0-F4
  • Control up to 127 switch addresses


Replaced by
DT400 Series Throttles

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