PS514 70W AC Power Supply

This product has been replaced by the 90W AC/DC 15VDC 6 Amp Power Supply (PS615) and is no longer available. Click here to view the PS615.

PS514 70W AC Power Supply, For use with Digitrax 5 Amp Starter Sets and accessories in multiple track scales and utility supply usages. Recommended by Digitrax for powering 5 Amp versions of Digitrax Super Empire Builder Xtra and Super Chief Xtra Sets & accessories.

Note: For DCS100/DB150 Minimum input should be: 12 volts AC or 15 volts DC.

Note: PS514 should not be used with Zephyr or Zephyr Xtra Starter Sets.  The PS314 supplied with the Zephyr Xtra or equivalent supply should be used with Zephyrs.

Note: PS514 should not be used with DCS200 or 8 amp starter sets.  These should use the PS2012 or other power supply that can supply 8 amps.

PS514 Features:

  • High efficiency power supply

  • 7 selectable output voltages, 12V, 13.8V, 15V, 16.8V, 19V, 20V, 24V DC output

  • For use with Digitrax 5 amp Starter Sets and accessories in multiple track scales and utility supply usages

  • Slide switch selectable

  • Supplied with US to IEC, 2-pin grounded cord set

  • Meets MEPS III "green" efficiency standards

  • CE for EM compatibility and IEC 60950 safety requirements

  • Full galvanic isolation of output voltage from AC input

  • RoHS environmentally sensitive manufacturing

  • Compact and lightweight

  • Power indicator light

  • Over current and overload protected

  • Use the BLUE adapter plug to connect to the provided 2 wire cable for the DCS100 and DB150 Command Station/Boosters.

  • Replaces the PS515


For Use With
5 Amp Starter Sets, boosters and command stations and accessories.
Not for use with
8 Amp Starter Sets, Command Stations and Boosters
Original Release Date
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