DN121PS 1 Amp Mobile Decoder with DCC Medium Plug on Short Wire Harness

This product has been replaced by the 1 Amp Economy Mobile Decoder, 2 Functions, DCC Medium Plug on Short Harness (DZ123PS) and is no longer available. Click here to view the DZ123PS.

1 Amp (1.5 Amp Peak) Mobile DCC Decoder

Please use 3 step speed tables for all DZ121 & DN121 Series Decoders, because of size constraints in their processors, they do not support 28 step speed tables.

Non-directional headlights are NOT available on DN121 Series Decoders.

Retired in 2004


Current Rating-Motor
1.0 Amp (1.5 Amps Peak)
0.36” x 1.0” x 0.18” (9.14mm x 25.4mm x 4.57mm)
DCC Medium Plug 8 Pin on 1.2" (30mm) Wire Harness
Function Outputs
Function Type
Standard (read more)

Standard functions turn functions on and off. Many Digitrax decoders with standard functions offer head lights that can be set up to be either automatically reversing or individually controllable.  Digitrax decoders are shipped with automatic reversing head lights enabled.  When you are using a standard function output, simply hook up the function output to the function device and you will be able to turn it on and off from your throttle.

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