LNRP LocoNet Repeater Module

This product has been replaced by the LocoNet Repeater Module (LNRPXTRA) and is no longer available. Click here to view the LNRPXTRA.

The LNRP LocoNet Repeater Module Isolates and Protects LocoNet Layouts, it allows for greater expansion of the LocoNet system on large installations. 

If a wiring or signal problems occur on any “standard” LocoNet section that the LNRP is connecting and monitoring, the LNRP will act to internally disconnect the faulty “standard” LocoNet segment so that the “protected” LocoNet can continue operating.

If the fault is removed, the LNRP will typically automatically reconnect and resume operations on the “standard” LocoNet segment.  




LNRP Features:

  • Isolates segments of your LocoNet layout

  • Protects segments of your LocoNet layouts

  • Extends large LocoNet installations of more than 20 devices.

  • Acts as a Diagniostic tool if LocoNet network problems occur.

  • FCC Part 15, Class B RFI compliant.

Note: PS14 Power Supply Required


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