Digitrax Big Book of DCC

The Digitrax Big Book of DCC was originally published in 1999.  In 2012, Digitrax made it available again through Amazon.com.

If you are one of the thousands of model railroaders who want to run their trains like the real thing, this the book for you!  Digital command Control, DCC, is explained in terms that everyone can understand.  We use examples to show you how to use Digitrax in your operation and on your layout to make model railroading more fun!

Over the years, the Digitrax equipment has changed as new technologies have become available but, the principles and concepts taught in this book have remained the same.  After the book went out of print, we found used copies being sold on line for ridiculously high prices so, we contracted with Amazon.com to have copies printed on demand for our customers at the original cover price of $24.95.  The book is not available through any other source.  This is our only product that is not available through your local dealer.

The Digitrax Big Book of DCC includes the following chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Installation-General
  • Decoder Installation
  • Medium Sized Layout-The Norcross Southern
  • Large Sized Layout-Brandywine & Benedictine
  • Operation
  • Programming and Configuration Variables (CVs)
  • Consists
  • Route Control
  • Transponders and Signals
  • Rapid Transit Layout with Computer Control
  • Technical Information
  • LocoNet
  • Troubleshooting
  • Using Computers with your Layout
  • DCC Interoperability

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