Now Shipping: BD4N DCC 4 Block Occupancy Detector

BD4N DCC 4 Block Occupancy Detector Features:

  • Low-cost, High-sensitivity DCC block-occupancy detection.

  • Adjustable resistance/current detection section (DS) trip threshold.

  • 8A capacity, suitable for all scales and track wiring configurations.

  • Noise resistant and compatible with BDL168 sections.

  • On-board status leds for stand-alone occupancy and track power indication, expandable for optional LT5 or fascia mounted occupancy indicator leds.

  • Plug and Play connections to simplify setup. Can cascade Booster wires.

  • Isolated Occupancy output signal lines can drive most common signal system or control interfaces.

  • Compatible with DS64 and SE8 modules for signaling, control and reporting occupancy onto LocoNet.

  • Replaces the BD4.

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