Digitrax, Inc. is proud to announce the new Evolution Express Advanced Starter Set!

Announcing the new Evolution Express Advanced Starter Set!  This set comes with everything new users need to get started with an Advanced System.  They system comes in both Standard Tethered and Duplex Radio.  The main system components are the DCS210+ Advanced Command Station, DT602 series Advanced Super Throttle, either a UP5 or UR93, and a PS615 power supply.  With all these components you’ll be ready to run right out of the box!

The DCS210+ is an Advanced Command Station/Booster, it can run up to 100 locomotives and 100 throttles.  The DCS210+ is complete with USB Interface, full read/write programming, Loco Reset and EZ routes buttons, and also a separate programming output so you can run and program at the same time.  

The UR93 has more than double the radio range of UR92 Duplex units. It supports combinations of DT602D/DE and DT500D, DT400D and UT4D Duplex Radio throttles.

The DT602 series Advanced super throttle gives you direct control of two locos at a time with all the powerful features and flexibility serious model railroaders demand.  The DT602 series is designed to handle nearly every aspect of layout control.

With a brand-new Color 2.4” LCD Screen you can run trains and consist, control up to 29 functions such as sound, program decoders, set up and operate routes, and much more. With, a soft On/Off Switch and advanced power savings you can operate longer than ever.

Evolution Express Advanced 5A/8A Starter Set

Evolution Express Advanced 5A/8A Duplex Starter Set