Merry Christmas, Digitrax is shipping again!

Greetings from Digitrax!

It’s been a tough 9 weeks since Hurricane Michael’s (Cat 4+) eyewall passed about 4 miles to the east of Digitrax on October 10, 2018.  Digitrax was without power for several weeks and our internet was finally restored on December 13.  All of us at Digitrax have worked every day since the storm to get back up and running.  We are so thankful for all the kind words of support and for your patience during this disaster. 

We have inspected, tested and repackaged finished goods that were in stock prior to the storm, and on Friday December 14 we resumed shipping to our dealers.  Zephyr Starter Sets were on back order at the time of the Hurricane and they will still be on back order for a couple of weeks until we can begin building them again.  There will be other items that may become temporarily unavailable as we re-start.  Most of our component inventory and all raw circuit boards were at the epicenter of our severe building damage and must be replaced.  We are in the process of ordering the parts we need to build our products. 

Over the past 9 weeks, we moved our manufacturing operations into our smaller building which was not as badly damaged as the main building.  There are still a few leaks when it rains and space is tight but, we are fortunate to have a suitable building where we can resume manufacturing operations.  Much of our surface mount equipment will be replaced due to storm water damage.  We will be able to return to our pre-storm manufacturing capacity once we get the replacement equipment installed and programmed and once we replace our component and circuit board inventories.

Our main building has been dried-in and all interior drywall, carpet, etc. have been removed.  We will begin rebuilding that structure after the first of the year. 

Our phone service is still limited so, if you call and don’t get an answer, please leave a message and we will call you back.  If you have tech support or repair questions please send them to our help desk @

All repair items we have received are being logged in now that our network and internet is running.  Repairs will be completed after the first of the year, when we have resources to process these. Again, we are very thankful for everyone’s patience; including dealers, users and employees.

We would like to thank all our wonderful stakeholders for their support during this time. We couldn't do this without you!

Digitrax is back running trains, and we’re rebuilding better than ever!