Digitrax, Inc. is proud to announce the new DCS240 Advanced Command Station!

Digitrax, Inc. is proud to announce the new DCS240 Advanced Command Station!

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DCS240 Advanced Command Station

The Digitrax® DCS240 Advanced Command Station is perfect for layouts that are looking for more operational capabilities. With the ability to control 400 locos and support for 400 throttles you can run more trains than ever. Run it as a 5 Amp or 8 Amp Command Station/Booster based on the input power supply used. The DCS240 is great for large layouts, clubs, and modular groups that love to operate prototypically with many operators.

The DCS240 incorporates SoundFX Programming and acts as a LocoNet to computer connection and translator through its built-in USB Connection. Smart PR3Xtra functionality if fully built into the DCS240. This means that when using the sound programming capability with Digitrax SoundLoader II™, the unit will automatically assign your programming track to PC access during programming. Once you finish programming, your programming track is automatically returned to throttle access and the DCS240’s USB port resumes MS100 LocoNet® access mode.

The DCS240 offers full advanced read/write programming with separate programming outputs to program all your decoders with ease, even those equipped with Digitrax Power Extenders and sound decoders that need extra power to program successfully.

Track voltage for each scale setting is fully customizable with the DCS240 so you can adjust voltages to match all the power districts on your layout. This helps maintain consistent locomotive speed when crossing gaps. You can also use this feature to set your preferred track voltage for things like; controlling top speed of locos on your layout, limiting accessory decoder output voltage, and adjusting track powered lamp brightness. Customizable track voltage also allows the N scale setting to be adjusted downward to run Z scale, too! Welcome to the party, Z Scale! Voltage adjustments no longer require opening the command station!
All command station state information, including customized settings, are stored in non-volatile memory without the use of batteries. So no more issues with changing command station batteries!

The new hardware loco reset button lets you easily clear all mobile decoder information in the command station so you can start every new session fresh. This is an alternative to resetting OpSw36=c that is used by many operators at the end of each session.

Another new hardware feature is the EZ Routes button that makes setting up routes simpler than ever before with your DCS240. This reduces the steps necessary to set up routes for your layout.

For modular clubs, we added the automatic command station collision detection feature. This feature helps identify and eliminate intermittent problems caused by having multiple active command stations on the layout. This means that if there is more than one command station present on the layout, the DCS240 will shut down the system to prevent operational issues until the conflict is successfully resolved by removing extra command station(s) or by setting them to run as boosters.

The DCS240 sends refresh packets to Functions 0-28 continuously for improved function responsiveness and operation.

Digitrax LocoNet system architecture makes it simple to upgrade your layout with this next generation technology. Just substitute the DCS240 for your existing command station, update your DT402 series throttles to the latest code and you’re good to go. You can use your existing command station as a booster on your layout so it won’t go to waste! It’s all part of the Digitrax Complete Train Control® System!

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