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Catering to the railroad modeler, we share our discount with you. This means a 20% discount on most products from Walthers, Digitrax, Soundtraxx and over 300 other manufactures and suppliers.  It's 15% on most Lionel or Broadway Limited. And can be a 25% discount on most Faller, Brawa, or Bowser products.  If you like the Walthers "sales" flyers then you will love Just open their regular reference book and buy from us at "sale" prices.

We love kids and in many ways are kids.  But we are also professionals in the art and science of modeling.  We like challenges too.  In these pages you will find all of these things.  If you don't know where to start, start with the story pages.  In it, you will find stories that will tickle your interest and imagination.

Check out our calendar to see us in action or check out our special offers and prices.  You will find them competitive in some areas and not so competitive in others but this is relax.  I guarantee that whatever you buy from us, you will always get great value AND many tell us that we have GREAT service

By the way, there is always some learning going on here on our part so, please bear with (but report) any problems with the site.  We will be working night and day to clean them up.

If you get a chance, come visit us.  We are just west of US-1 one driveway.  We'd love to see you.