Neal's N-Gauging Trains
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Neal’s n-gauging trains started about 30 years ago when I was working for a hobby store in st. louis part time. he had some spare stuff to sell and i wanted to get rid of some of my older n scale. we agreed to try a show in springfield mo. at the time i had never even been west of st. clair mo!! i headed west with 2 boxes of stuff and set up back to back with Richard fisher. he, too, had surplus to sell. (long before he became challenger n scale! SINCE THEN, WE MOVED BACK TO NEW HAMPSHIRE, OPENED A STORE, MOVED THAT STORE, CLOSED THAT STORE, AND ENDED UP BACK IN THE MIDWEST. SIDETRACKED HOBBIES CAME ABOUT AT THE URGING OF NORMAN, WHO SWORE HE WOULD DO IT ALL……

And we all know how that usually goes, and so I muddled about here for about two years until recently. I finally decided to actually do something, and so now we have a website (very much a work in progress as you can see), and a revamped store!

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