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Works with compatible LocoNet Systems, Compact size for easy one-handed operation, Color 1.5” LCD Display Screen, Duplex Radio.

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KB1065 Clarifications of UR93 and DT602D/UT6D Duplex RF and network performance

Clarifications of UR93 and DT602D/UT6D Duplex RF and network performance: The new UR93 and DT602D and UT6D throttles employ the new Digitrax designed and manufactured RF28 Modular Certified 2.4GHz transceiver module. The RF28 is configured to interoperate with existing Digitrax Duplex UR92 LocoNet access points and e.g. DT500D and UT4D throttles worldwide. All Duplex units employ IEEE 802.15.4 PHY/MAC compatible devices using 2.4GHz Direct Sequence Spread- Spectrum (DSSS) modulation. The RF28 was developed for: a)  Smaller size. The venerable RF24 could not fit in the small UT6D, and this case was designed in 2017, so a new smaller Duplex support ...

KB1068 UT6 Throttle Options Settings

UT6 Throttle Option Settings Throttle ID# Option Name Factory State ID01 Ballistic Knobs With Ballistic tracking, the faster you increase or decrease the throttle knob the faster the data changes in the throttle. When Off the speed step increase is per encoder notch. on ID02 Key clicks Off disables clicks for key press and encoder changes on ID03 Duplex RF allow Off will disable Duplex Radio capability. on ID04 IR allow Off will disable IR capability. on ID05 Fast Clock show On will show fast clock. off ID06 24Hr Clock mode On changes the clock mode from 12Hr to 24Hr. ...

KB16 Which Throttle works with which Universal Panel, UR90(IR), UR91(Simplex Radio), UR92 (Duplex Radio), or UR93 (Duplex Radio)?

The following chart indicates: Which Digitrax throttle (DT400, DT400R, DT402, DT402R, DT402D, DT500, DT500D, DT602, DT602D, UT4, UT4R, UT4D, UT6 & UT6D) Works with which LocoNet interface throttle panel (Universal Panel-UP3/UP5/UP7, UR90, UR91, UR92, and UR93) Under which types of communication (Tethered, IR Mode, Simplex Radio, or Duplex Radio). Throttle Interface Chart Throttle UP Panel Tethered UR90 Tethered UR90 IR Mode UR91 Tethered UR91 IR Mode UR91 Simplex Radio UR92 Tethered UR92 IR Mode UR92 Duplex Radio UR93 Duplex Radio DT400 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No DT400R Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes ...